Sunday Review: HiPP Organic

While I try to give Autumn what we’re eating as much as possible and give her fresh healthy foods, I do often rely on jars and pouches. They’re so much more practical when you’re out and about or in a rush.

HiPP Organic have recently sent me some jars to try. I’m picky about what I give her, but I really like these as they have no added sugar.


We were sent the following flavours to try:

  • Breakfast layer – Strawberry cereal topped with yogurt
  • Breakfast layer – Tropical cereal topped with yogurt
  • Creamy porridge
  • Pear & peach breakfast
  • Banana rice breakfast
  • Banana yogurt breakfast
  • Apple & pear
  • Apple, banana & blackcurrant
  • Banana & peach
  • Banana, pear & mango

HiPP Organic Fruit and Breakfast Pots

HiPP Organic Breakfasts

The breakfast pots are a nice change to Autumn from her usual porridge. She has enjoyed every single one of them. I think her only complaint would be “Why aren’t the pots bigger?!”

I especially like the look of the breakfast layer pots, which have a combination of fruit puree and cereal with yogurt. Unfortunately, it all got quite mixed up in transit to us. However, Autumn didn’t mind. I think the combination, rather than just a smooth breakfast, probably keeps little tummies fuller for longer!

HiPP Organic Fruit Pots

Autumn eats a lot of fresh fruit every day. Blueberries, plums and bananas are often on the menu. I’ve recently picked blackberries for her and she’s tried more unusual fruits too, such as greengages. However, fruits do spoil quickly and they’re not always practical for taking out. The fruit pots are perfect for getting some goodness into little ones, without the risk of getting too squashed and messy!

I love knowing that these pots are 100% fruit and have no added sugar. Sugar is a big concern to me and I try to monitor Autumn’s intake. Again, Autumn has really enjoyed these pots. It’s good that they’re a combination of fruits, too. I’d imagine it makes them taste more interesting, but they also get the goodness of several types of fruit from one pot!

HiPP Organic Fruit Pot Review


These are lovely little pots and I’m sure we’ll be purchasing these in the future. Autumn has a big appetite, so they are a little on the small side for her. However, she is 10 months old and they’re targeted at babies from 4 months upwards/7 months upwards. Of course, she eats a lot more than a baby that’s several months younger than her.

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with HiPP Organic. I received several pots of HiPP Organic baby food for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. We never tried Hipp Organic with the kids, but I know my niece loves their pots! 🙂
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