Buying a car at auction from BPI Auctions

Previously on the blog, I’ve written about the pros and cons of buying cars new, nearly new or used. When you’re buying a car used or nearly new, as well as checking out the side of main roads in your local area, you can also look online.

Of course, popular choices are sites such as Gumtree, eBay and Autotrader. However, there are auction sites other than eBay. In fact, while they’re still a little less known, they could be a cheaper and better choice for you! One of these sites is BPI Auctions.


Currently, most auctions on the site seem to be in the North of England. If you’re in the vicinity of Preston, Wakefield or Wigan you could find a bargain! Likewise, it can be difficult to sell a car, so this is another site to add to your list.

While I’ve mentioned that most auctions are up north, there is actually an area of the website called BPI Marketplace which allows anyone from anywhere to list items for sale! Listings include things other than cars too, so whatever it is you’re looking for, you could get a great deal.

BPI Marketplace

The website

Each lot is clearly laid out, so you can clearly find information about the vehicle and see images. I have observed that there seem to be more photographs than there often are when you’re buying a car on eBay. I think that this gives you more clarity as a buyer.

There is a map with the location, so that you know where exactly the vehicle is located. Phone numbers are also available, should you wish to contact the seller about the vehicle and perhaps arrange a viewing.

From personal experience, I would recommend trying to arrange a viewing if possible. I like to get a good feel for cars before I buy them and take them for a test drive. At the very least, I like to do some basic checks under the bonnet and underneath the car.

Another thing I like on BPI Auctions, is that it clearly states when the lot ends so that you can be prepared for any last minute bids! It also has information on which dates and times you can collect the vehicle, should you win the car auction. This allows you to prepare any lifts and/or days you may need to keep free in advance!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BPI Auctions for which I will be receiving compensation. As always, all views are honest and my own. 

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