Why I stopped being vegetarian

Becoming vegan, or at least vegetarian, is very popular these days. People are becoming increasingly aware and upset by the mistreatment or animals, as well as the health benefits of changing up their diets. I, myself, was vegetarian for several years until recently. It was a difficult decision to make and incredibly difficult for me to start eating meat again. Why I became vegetarian I started to become a vegetarian in late 2006, when I was 14. In early 2006, there was an influenza pandemic in which H5N1 (better known as bird flu) killed several people worldwide. The media were scaremongering and it worried me so much that I gave up eating chicken and turkey. By October 2007 when I was 15, I’d come to realise I no longer liked the taste or texture of meat and gave it up altogether. Over the years that followed, I couldn’t imagine eating meat again. It repulsed me. I tried to eat meat again when I fell pregnant, but I just couldn’t get myself to, especially when I felt nauseous. Why I gave up After I gave birth, I lost a lot of blood. The iron tablets that I was given initially weren’t … Continue reading Why I stopped being vegetarian