Posterlounge picture for my living room redecoration

One of my projects this year is to redecorate our living room. It has never looked nice the whole time we have lived in our house. After much saving, my husband and I managed to buy our first house when we were 20. However, it was at the cheaper end of the market and the previous owners had allowed their dogs to cause lots of damage. This means that 5 years after purchase, the laminate flooring in our living room is awful with lots of cracks and chunks out of it.

I’m hoping to redecorate in grey and lilacs/purples, after being inspired by a display in Next a couple of years ago. We had to buy a rug when Autumn started crawling, and chose a grey rug with white and grey butterflies on it. We really need to get on with the bigger parts of redecorating, but one of the other things I now have sorted out is the pictures I want displayed in the room. After our beautiful Emma’s Diary photoshoot, we now have a lovely frame and photographs above the mantlepiece. However, I wanted a big picture for the longest wall in our lounge. This is where Posterlounge came to the rescue!


Choosing a picture from Posterlounge took ages! This was not because of any issues with the website, but simply because there is so much choice! It’s well laid out, enabling you to choose a picture based on what room you want it for. They have a whole range of different styles, including abstract art, photographs and illustrations. I chose a beautiful macro photograph of some lilacs. You can also choose which material you wanted it printed on; including canvas, acrylic glass and wood. I opted for canvas.


The picture arrived very quickly! It was well packaged and…well, absolutely huge! I’d recommend tying to make sure you’re going to be at home if you order a large picture from them. My neighbour seemed happy enough when he gave it to me, but I’m not sure he was too impressed really! He had to hold it for me while I opened my door, and being a fairly petite 5″3′, I did struggle to get it through the door!


I can’t wait to see the picture up on the wall when this room is finally decorated. It will be lovely to have a living room that is more relaxing to lounge around in. People always comment on the current picture I have on the wall, which is a montage of London pictures. I’m sure that once this is up, it will also receive many compliments!

London montage from The Range


I haven’t had any problems, but it looks like the website is well equipped for issues. There is an email address and number you can call in plain sight, as well as a 30 day return policy. Delivery is also free! It could definitely be worthwhile taking a look and seeing if you find anything you like on there if you’re planning to redecorate like me, or even just refresh what you have on your walls.

Disclosure: This post was written in conjunction with Posterlounge. I received an Atteloi Lilacs Poster on canvas in exchange for this review. However, as always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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