Sunday Review: InkRocket clothing for mother and child

For months I’ve wanted Autumn and I to have some matching clothing. I keep seeing lovely photos of matching mums, dads, children and babies on Instagram! Now, InkRocket have sent me some of their lovely eco-friendly clothing for Autumn and I to test out and review.

I chose a sweatshirt for myself, as new sweatshirts and jumpers are always welcome in my wardrobe.

Mummy wardrobe

My style

I think every mother has her own mummy style. She has a standard go-to that she throws on in the busy, wonderful chaos of family life. In my case, I go for my trusty sweatshirt/jumper, jeans and boots/converse combo. Whilst I love fashion and you may be used to me being a little more well put-together on the blog, my normal day-to-day look is something like this:

Mummy style

I suppose I am a slummy mummy like a certain newspaper has recently been berating, but life is BUSY and motherhood is CHALLENGING! We don’t have time to be as perfect as we pretend we are on Instagram. Look at the weeds in the above picture and the fence that needs staining, for goodness’ sake. I’m a mother, a student, a housewife, a blogger…and you can’t have everything under control the whole time.

I often choose to take Autumn to the park, to the library and do activities to help her to learn as a priority above more mundane tasks. Life is short, it needs to be enjoyed. Besides, these things will help my daughter to grow well. Having everything ‘just so’ in the house and spending hours deliberating over my clothing and accessories each day wouldn’t.

Anyway, I digress…

My Ink Rocket sweatshirt

In the above picture, you can see my lovely new ‘Wild Mama’ Ink Rocket sweatshirt! I like to have a good selection of jeans and jumpers that I can just throw on with a pair of jeans and be good to go. It’s good to have an outfit that looks good with next to no effort – and this sweatshirt certainly fits the bill! The gold foil of the words adds a little much needed extra glamour to my daily life.

One of the first things I noticed was just how soft the material is. It’s made from organic cotton mixed with tencel fibres and is Oeko-tex 100 certified. It’s so lovely to feel, and even lovelier to wear! The sizing seems quite generous, as the XS is a very baggy fit on me and I’m a size 6. However, it is supposed to be a loose fit and XS is a size 8-10 according to the website!

Matching baby outfit

Autumn’s little matching outfit says ‘born wild’! She looked very cute, happy and comfortable in it! The baby sizing seems about right. I love the fact that it’s footless too. In the recent weather we’ve had, it’s good to have the option of long sleeved and legged clothing without the problem of hot feet!

Ink Rocket baby clothing


I love it when companies do things for charity. 15% of what you pay for each item goes to a good cause. This makes us two very happy wild people!

Charities they support currently are Starlight, TearFund and Samara’s Aid Appeal.

Disclaimer: Ink Rocket kindly sent us a sweatshirt and romper suit in return for a review. All views are honest and my own. 

What’s your mummy uniform? Let me know in the comments below!

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