Review: LA Tanning Company Mousse

Review: LA Tanning Company Mousse

In the summer, I tend to become a lot more self conscious of my pale skin. I’ve actually been known to have paler skin than my ginger best friend. Yes, really. That’s how pale I am!

When I was a teenager, I went through the standard rite of passage of using a tinted lotion to build up a tan. However, I’d somehow end up streaky and with strange orange lines around my forehead. The thought of having a fake tan sounded good to me, but I never dared do it myself in case I did it wrong again. Until now, that is!

Preparing to tan

The LA Tanning Company sent me their tanning mousse to try, as well as an exfoliating shower gel and a Velvotan tanning mit.

I was quite nervous, but hopeful that it might make my mum bod look better. If it went well, it could give me a much needed confidence boost!

After a couple of intense exfoliating sessions in the shower, two days apart, I felt that I was finally ready! The exfoliating shower gel smelled great, by the way. Aloe Vera is probably one of my favourite scents, as it’s so lovely and fresh.

After putting lotion on the dry bits of my skin, such as my elbows and knees, I went for it!

LA Tan Mousse

Tanning in progress

Squeezing the mousse onto the mitt, I worked in circles. I started with my face and worked down to my feet. I got my husband to help me with my back, as I could see in the mirror that there simply seemed to be bits that I couldn’t reach properly.

Once I was done, I waited for four hours for the colour to develop.

This was my arm before the fake tan:

LA Tan Mousse - Before

This was my arm afterwards:

LA Tanning Mousse - After

As you can see, there is quite a difference! I haven’t edited these pictures at all, and tried to take them in similar light so that you could see the effect as accurately as possible.

Apart from one place I didn’t realise I had dry skin, and one of my wrists, the tan was fantastic! It had good coverage and looked a natural colour. I know for next time that I should also put lotion on that particular patch, and to take more care around my wrist area. That’s just practice though; it went very well for a first time!

I’ll definitely be using this again in the future.

About the mousse

This mousse ticks a lot of boxes for me. As well as it’s performance, it lacks nasty things. I often worry about parabens, but it doesn’t contain them. I’m also concerned about animal testing, but LA Tanning Company don’t support animal testing or any cruelty to animals.

It also contains lots of skin friendly ingredients, including Aloe Vera and vitamin E, as well as a whole other plethora of tea extracts and vitamins.

I’d definitely recommend this tan to anyone thinking about fake tanning, whether they’re a newbie like me, or have been doing it for years!

Disclosure: LA Tanning Company sent me their exfoliating shower gel, tanning mousse and a tanning mitt in exchange for a review. As usual, all views are honest and my own.


  1. 14th September 2017 / 5:10 pm

    Wow this looks like it worked a treat! U look as pale as me! Great post

    • Autumn's Mummy
      14th September 2017 / 11:09 pm

      Thanks Pam, hopefully my tips have helped you! I am very pale but managed to be streak free 🙂

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