Cherry themed weddings

I love hearing about different wedding themes, so when Roberta Sabbatini offered to write a guest post for my blog, I was excited about the ideas she had to offer. I loved the sound of a cherry themed wedding and it sounds like these venues and the chefs are wonderful! My mind immediately conjured up an image of the sweet smell of cherries in the Italian sun. Roberta paints a wonderful picture of just what these weddings are like. So, how does one have a cherry themed wedding? Over to Roberta… Introduction They have the colour of passion, love, energy, power. Their shape has a positive emotional message; one of harmony and protection. They are cherries: red and round. In the South of Italy, especially Apulia (the third in Europe for their production), cherry trees are all over. They are beautifully stunning in their blossom season. Activities Your guests can pick them, put them in their baskets and join the fun activities that many wedding venues organise for them. Picked in the morning, they are carefully washed. They are then used to make soaps, candles and creams by lovers of art and crafts. If your friends are more into culinary experiences, they are shown how to … Continue reading Cherry themed weddings