When I found out I was pregnant – Mummy Confessions

When I found out I was pregnant – Mummy Confessions

Hi and welcome to my When I found out I was pregnant guest series! It was originally supposed to be a 12 week series, but not everyone responded. To be honest, I’m worried about having too much of a good thing and overdoing it anyway. As such, this will be the final week of the guest series and as has been requested, I will reveal my story next Saturday.

This week I’m excited to introduce Mummy Confessions from Down Under, who wondered how she was going to tell her husband!

1.       When did you find out you were pregnant?

November 2015.

2.       Where were you when you found out you were pregnant?

The bathroom.

3.       Were you surprised?

Yes and no. I had suspicions.

4.       Before you took a pregnancy test, did you have any signs that you may be pregnant?

Yes. Everything smelled rancid.

5.       What were the first thoughts that went through your mind when you found out you were pregnant?

How am I going to tell my husband? (Because he was away at the time, I wanted to think of something cuter than the last two times when I just called him into the room and asked, “Do you see two lines?”

6.       How did you tell your partner you were pregnant?

I made shirts for my two kids who wore them when he got home, no had a onesie in a box with the test (in a plastic bag). I was worried because his brother came to drop him off, and I thought he would figure it out. Neither of them understood the girls’ tshirt s anyways. ?

7.       What was your partner’s reaction?

He was thrilled. He picked me up and spun me around, just like with the other pregnancies.

About Mummy Confessions:

  • Wife and mummy
  • Avid sale-seeker
  • Lives in Australia
  • Enjoys helping other people
  • Her blog “[aims to] bring the reality of life, motherhood, and other topics to others, and post content as well that may be able to help others

You can find her on her blog, Mummy Confessions, as well as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

I loved the way that Mummy Confessions shared her pregnancy with her husband! I’d have loved to tell mine creatively.

Thank you for sharing your story with us! x

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