When I found out I was pregnant – And Jacob makes three

When I found out I was pregnant – And Jacob makes three

Hi and welcome to the 3rd week of my guest series – When I found out I was pregnant.

This week my guest is the lovely Kelly from And Jacob makes three. She tells us of her irregular menstrual cycle and her subsequent surprise when she found out she was pregnant. I hope you enjoy reading her story as much as I did!

1.       When did you find out you were pregnant?

I found out when I was about 4 weeks pregnant, although at the time I wasn’t sure how pregnant I was. It could have been anything from a couple of weeks up to 8 weeks! I’d stopped taking the pill about 8 or 9 weeks earlier, and my cycle was all messed up. I’d been using Ovia, an app, to track my cycle and I think I was on day 58 and getting really frustrated.

2.       Where were you when you found out you were pregnant?

I was at home. I’d woken up really early on a Saturday morning. I randomly decided to do the last pregnancy test I had. No idea why though, as I’d convinced myself I wasn’t pregnant after a few weeks of testing every few days and getting negative results.

3.       Were you surprised?

I was really surprised. I’d spent the last week Googling ‘irregular periods after coming off the pill’ and had pretty much decided there was something wrong with me. When I saw the line I couldn’t believe it.

4.       Before you took a pregnancy test, did you have any signs that you may be pregnant?

In hindsight, yes. The Sunday before I’d been for a massage and almost fainted when I got up. I’d felt oddly light headed all week, but I didn’t think anything of it. I’d also been having niggly period-type pain, and I just assumed I was about to come on.

5.       What were the first thoughts that went through your mind when you found out you were pregnant?

I was so excited, but also quite apprehensive. It was a much wanted pregnancy, but I think it’s natural to feel a bit nervous when it actually happens. I had a slight ‘what have we done?!’ moment.

6.       How did you tell your partner you were pregnant?

I ran into the bedroom, opened the curtains to wake him up and excitedly thrust a pee-soaked stick at him! It was 7am and he really likes his lie ins. Before I got the positive test, I’d fantasised about telling him by buying him some sort of daddy present—maybe a t-shirt—but in reality I just couldn’t wait!

7.       What was your partner’s reaction?

He actually didn’t believe it at first. I’d spent the past week or two moaning about how I must be infertile because I wasn’t pregnant and I wasn’t getting my period either! So it was hard for him to process. He had a squash match at 9am, so I went to town to buy one of the Clear Blue tests that actually shows the word pregnant. I sent him a photo of it and then he believed it!

About Kelly:

  • Based in the UK
  • 29 year old first time Mum to Jacob
  • Blogs about pregnancy and life with a baby
  • Blog post content includes parenting tips and tricks, product reviews and the ups and downs of motherhood

You can find Kelly at her blog And Jacob makes three, as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you Kelly, I really enjoyed reading about when you took your positive pregnancy test (the part about thrusting forwards a pee-soaked stick made me laugh!) There are definitely parallels with my own story, such as the early signs of pregnancy and great plans to announce pregnancy in a creative way only to be unable to wait and tell my partner straight away!

Thank you again x

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  1. 25th February 2017 / 1:47 pm

    What a lovely post 🙂 It’s frustrating coming off the pill, it can take up to a year for periods to regulate themselves again. I was the same, hoping to tell my partner in a cute fashion, but I too just ran in and shoved a stick in his face haha! Becky x

    • 25th February 2017 / 1:53 pm

      Hahaha! I really wonder how people manage to keep themselves together enough to the cute little announcements! X

  2. aliduke79hotmailcom
    25th February 2017 / 4:15 pm

    I wouldn’t be patient enough for a cute anouncmenet lol. What a nice story.

    • 25th February 2017 / 8:54 pm

      I wasn’t either! Thank you and thanks for commenting xx

  3. 3rd March 2017 / 4:19 pm

    Ah this is a fab story and a fab series too! I love finding out how people told their partner’s they are pregnant. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  4. 6th March 2017 / 10:13 pm

    Oh this is so similar to my pregnancy story – total surprise! What a lovely idea for a guest series 🙂 xx #fortheloveofBLOG

    • 8th March 2017 / 6:55 pm

      Thank you and thanks for commenting 🙂 xx

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